HAPEVILLE PEDESTRIAN BRIDGE COMPETITION (Collaboration with artist Jennifer Dudley)
Project Type: Civic
Location:  Hapeville, GA
Year Completed: n/a

Description: A conceptual proposal to transform an existing pedestrian bridge into a recognizable and interactive work of art, while maintaining its primary function of providing a safe way to cross the tracks below.  Point Office teamed up with artist Jennifer Dudley to imagine what this urban intervention could entail. From the proposal:

“The Hapeville pedestrian bridge has a certain endearing absurdity in its grandness.  It is a monument to the most basic act of moving from one place to another…… Our proposal seeks to celebrate the simple and fundamental purpose of the bridge – transporting people from Here to There – with the same odd combination of bluntness and excess inherent in the bridge form itself….. We see this project, with its overt and universal theme, as an easily understandable and engaging work of public art for people young and old. The simple concept and bold visual presence of the words coupled with the participatory moments along the path create what we think could be a transformative work of public art for Hapeville and Atlanta at large.”